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Why not ask today for a free audit of your website? I will run some tests on your site, that don’t require any login details, just the URL of the homepage.  I will then send you a free report outlining any issues on your site.

I will also include a no obligation quote for me fixing any identified issues. 

I am experienced in improving the loading speed of websites. I can boost the speed of your website by optimising the various elements that affect loading speed. These include the optimisation of your images, caching, plugins, and the configuration of your theme.

See the report on a site (Littleborough Lakeside)  below, which is rated 100% after I recently optimised it.

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Ask for your free website audit today by completing the form on this page. The report will outline any issues identified with your website and suggest improvements.

Along with the report, I will include a quote for my services, so you can decide whether to engage my services. Or, you can use it as a basis for obtaining other quotations.

In addition, I offer other IT support services, so feel free to contact me with your needs and I will be in touch to discuss how we may work together.


Happy Client

Steve helped me with a variety of software and computer skills, particularly how to use Squarespace for my non-profit agency’s website. I had just taken a non-profit marketing job and was struggling to master a variety of software programs with no formal training.

Steve was patient, helpful, very flexible about time and schedule, and made it possible for me to keep my job. He not only shared the specifics of Squarespace, but he also showed me some online marketing basics about layout and design that I didn’t expect to learn from him.

Our website and our social media pages look and read so much better, thanks to my time with Steve. As other things come up in this job, I plan on going back to Steve for help.
Therese Murphy | Florida, USA
Charity Executive
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