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About me

About me

I have been working with computers since the early 1990s and built all sorts of websites. I have used software from the start of the World Wide Web and now work with WordPress to build responsive websites. In the past, I have designed and managed sites for charities, social enterprises and my own businesses.

I specialise in optimising existing websites so that they load quickly, are secure and responsive, and work well on both desktop and mobile. However, I can also advise on web hosting and web design if you are looking to either build your first website or revamp an existing one.

FACT: If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, half of your visitors have already left!


A Happy Client!

Steve helped me with a variety of software and computer skills, particularly how to use Squarespace for my non-profit agency’s website. I had just taken a non-profit marketing job and was struggling to master a variety of software programs with no formal training.
Therese Murphy
Charity Executive, Florida, USA


Main services I offer

Free website audit

Ask me about a free website audit, including a written report on issues identified and recommended improvements, with a quotation for carrying out the various optimisations.

This is a truly free service as I believe everyone deserves  to know if their website is performing or if it is actually damaging their business or organisation’s reputation.

Site optimisation

Once the free audit is completed, I will give you a quote for optimising your site. This will include a more in-depth audit of your site.

This will cover any server issues, themes and plugins, caching and keywords etc. It will also include advice on securing your site and resolving any underlying vulnerabilities.


I can provide a one-off optimisation of keywords, images, meta descriptions etc. Alternatively, if you are adding fresh content on a regular basis, I can provide a monthly service.

Feel free to contact me for a ‘no obligation’ quote and to discuss how I can help improve your website’s ranking and performance. I can also provide advice on web hosting and web design

Contact Me


+44 7359 356 452


15 Garden Way, Rochdale, OL14 0ED United Kingdom


Friendly Support

I pride myself on providing friendly support. I aim to listen to my clients and provide them with a clear and factual assessment of their site.

In addition, I will be upfront about costs and timescales for optimising your site, taking into account your target market and customer base.

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