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Art of the possible: getting 100% rating!

If you are struggling with a slow website, I have the solution. I specialise in getting the maximum performance out of any WordPress website. With years of experience, I know exactly what to look for when it comes to website performance optimisations.

Before I start optimising your website, I will conduct a thorough analysis to ensure that no opportunity to improve the performance of your website goes unnoticed. I specialise in specific speed optimisation and website development tasks, and I can fully optimise the speed of a website within a few days.

I guarantee that I will optimise your website to its maximum possible speed and Google PageSpeed scores. Furthermore, I have learned what to look for and can quickly find and optimise almost any page speed-related issue. This is why I can confidently say that we can squeeze the maximum speed out of any website. We pride ourselves on being able to achieve the highest Google PageSpeed insights score possible for your website. site optimised

I also understand that optimising your website’s Core Web Vitals (the LCP, CLS, and FID times) is essential, as it is a Google ranking factor. I will optimise the performance of your website(s) for all devices, including mobile, desktop, and tablets. As I work on optimising your website(s), I ensure that there will be no downtime or any issues during the process, and your visitors won’t notice any difference.

I work independently and will work within the agreed timeframe. My work ethic is built on delivering on promises, hard work, professionalism, and confidentiality.

I specialise in optimizing WordPress (including WooCommerce) and static HTML websites. My aim is to optimise your site(s)for the maximum performance outcome.

My prices are more affordable than you may think, especially considering the quality of work I offer and the remarkable results I can achieve. I offer a free analysis of your website and will send you a report covering any vulnerabilities of your site and bottlenecks that are slowing your site down.

My report will outline the achievable speed increases for your website upon project completion, with target Google PageSpeed & Core Web Vitals scores for your website. At no point will your website break or suffer from any downtime.

My professional support is available during and after the optimisation process, ensuring that all the pages of your website are optimised for all devices, including tablets and mobile.

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